Residential Elevators in Newly Constructed and Renovated Homes

Residential elevators are now widely being used in newly constructed and renovated homes due to the great convenience they provide for both physically disabled and healthy persons in accessing the various floor levels. Apart from providing trouble-free access, a residential elevator also enhances the value of your home.

Cost-effective Accessibility Option for Your Residence

Residential elevators are simple to operate and affordable accessibility devices compared to elevators designed for offices and high-rise buildings. They can be also used to transport furniture, groceries, laundries and other heavy items from one floor to another. These equipments are available in a variety of fashions which include those designed with open platforms or fully enclosed cabins integrated with safety gates. To match the interiors of residences most of the models come with customization options.

Safe and Comfortable Floor to Floor Access

To provide the users with safe and comfortable movement between the floors, these elevators are incorporated with superior safety features. These include:

• Door interlocks
• Emergency alarms
• Emergency stop buttons
• Over speed governors
• Cable safety devices
• Telephone system
• Under-car safety sensors
• Manual lowering device
• Fully automatic controls
• Slack rope safety

To add to the elegance of your home, elevator models that do not require additional machine rooms and which can be installed without making structural renovations are widely available. These equipments are also designed with sufficient space to accommodate wheelchairs; therefore wheelchair users can move up and down the floors comfortably. Another advantage of such elevators is that they require only minimum maintenance services.

Obtain the Right Model from Authorized Dealers

When you wish to purchase residential elevators for your newly constructed and renovated homes, make sure to get the right model. Residential elevator models free from manufacturing defects are offered by industry leading manufacturers including Federal Elevator, Thyssenkrupp Access and Savaria Concord. Based on your unique needs, the appropriate model of home elevator can be purchased from authorized dealers throughout the US; most of the dealers offer quality installation and timely maintenance services.

Reduce Energy And Maintenance Costs With New Home Builders

These days, it seems that everyone is trying to lower the costs of powering and maintaining their homes – the rising costs of utilities and the introduction of the carbon tax have sent many people into a money saving frenzy. If you are looking to build your own home, there are actually a number of ways that new home builders can help you to reduce the energy and maintenance costs of your property, providing that you find one who knows what they’re doing.

When you first meet with the builder whom you have picked to construct your home, make sure that you express to them early on in the process that you are looking for ways to reduce your energy and maintenance costs. This will ensure that the builder keeps this aim in mind, right from the depths of the planning stages all the way through to the completion of the house.

Construction and Ducts – If your new home builder has ensured that all holes and cracks have been sealed (especially in your heating and cooling systems), then you will reduce the changes of drafts, moisture, dust, pollen and noise pollution from occurring. This is also highly effective in improving the quality of your home’s air.

Insulation – If your home has had insulation properly installed in its floors, walls and attic space, you will find this to be a very cost effective option. Because the insulation will encourage an even temperature throughout the house, it will lessen the need for air conditioners and heaters to be turned up.

Products and Fixtures – If your builder has invested in and recommended products and fixtures that are energy star rated (such as compact fluorescent light globes, lighting fixtures, fans, appliances, and so on) you can greatly reduce the amount of money you are spending on electricity for your home.

Windows – If your home has been fitted with energy efficient windows, you will find that they help to keep heat in during winter and out during summer. This is because they are fitted with two or more panes of glass and have been specially coated to prevent heat transfer. Again, this helps to lessen the need for air conditioning and heating.
If you have been thinking about ways that you can reduce your energy and maintenance costs, you should be thinking about contacting your new home builder and seeing how they can help. As you can see from the above list, there are a number of ways that they are able to not only reduce the energy consumption of your home, they will also be able to lower the need for maintenance well into the future.